1. What is the ImpactHeme program?

ImpactHeme is a Celgene-sponsored global competition that is designed to recognize and honor patient organizations that demonstrate excellence in crafting novel solutions that innovatively meet the needs of people living diagnosed and living with blood cancers.

2. What is this year’s theme?

The ImpactHeme theme is “Supporting Shared Decision Making in Hematology.” The theme is purposefully broad to encourage innovative solutions to identifying and supporting care partner needs.

3. What type of organizations are eligible to enter?

Applications will only be accepted from patient and professional organizations and associations located outside the United States that are non-profit/NGO as registered in its respective country.

4. Does the size and reach of my organization affect my chances of winning?

Absolutely not! We recognize that patient organizations come in all different shapes and sizes. Some organizations may be volunteer-driven, others may have numerous staff members. Some organizations may have small budgets, while others have large budgets and various resources. We hope that whether your organization is large, small or mid-sized, you will consider applying.

5. What language will my application need to be written?

Applications will only be accepted in English. However, we understand that those organizations applying for the competition may not be native English speakers, and no points will be taken off for grammar. We encourage you to reach out to your Celgene contact should you need assistance with translation.

6. What should be included in the application?

Please complete the online application form that can be found here and remember to provide answers for ALL of the questions.

7. How long should the application be?

Responses for each question within the application form should be no larger than 2,500 characters, including spaces. We recommend preparing your application responses in a separate document and cutting and pasting them into the online application form.

8. Will the submissions be available to the public?

No, submissions will not be available to the public. However, winning organizations and their initiatives will be announced publicly. Please see the Terms & Conditions here.

9. Must my organization have an existing relationship with Celgene to submit an application for ImpactHeme?

A prior or existing relationship with Celgene is not a requirement.

10. What if my organization has an existing relationship with a member(s) of the judging panel; will this have any influence on my application?

Our judges may know an organization that chooses to apply, but they also take their jobs very seriously and can be impartial in their evaluation of the applications submitted. Additionally, a scorecard is provided to the judges so that every submission is measured against the same criteria.

11. If my organization collaborates with another organization on an application, can we also submit an individual application as well?

Unfortunately, no. Only one application per organization will be accepted, regardless of whether it is a collaboration.

12. When is the application deadline?

Organizations must submit a completed application by the deadline: May 18, 2019, 11:59 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).

13. When will I be notified of my status?

Winners will be notified by June 15, 2019.

14. If my organization were to win, are there restrictions on how the funding must be used?

Winners must direct funding to their initiative featured in their application.