Celgene is pleased to launch a new program to the Hematology Patient Community, “ImpactHeme”, a competition designed to recognize and honor patient organizations outside the United States that demonstrate excellence in crafting novel solutions that innovatively meet the needs of people diagnosed and living with blood cancers.

2019 Theme: Supporting Shared Decision Making in Hematology

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is the process in which clinicians and patients work together to understand the patient’s situation and determine how best to address it. SDM is becoming increasingly important as patients with blood cancers weigh risks and benefits of treatment as well as what’s important to that person.

Your program or idea can address any part of SDM including but not limited to:

  • Raising awareness and understanding about SDM
  • Key elements and barriers to SDM
  • SDM: eliciting and clarifying patients’ values and preferences
  • How to understand the best available medical evidence relevant to the decision given varying levels of health literacy among patients
  • Adopting SDM as a standard of practice
  • Your idea

This year’s theme encourages innovative solutions to empower people diagnosed with blood cancers with SDM knowledge and understanding. Celgene hopes that this competition will serve as a catalyst for patient advocates to promote the importance of SDM.

Five prizes of $20,000 USD each (or equivalent in local currency) will be awarded to five organizations.

This website allows you to learn more about the program, criteria used to evaluate submissions, and our judging panel. We invite you to come back and visit often and we look forward to receiving your application.